Nurge Flexi Hoops Oval

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Nurge Flexi Hoops are a superb and quick way to attach your embroidery, cross-stitch or needlework fabric. They hold the tension really well. They are lovely as a ‘ready-made frame’

With a stretchy rubberised outer the Nurge Flexihoop Picture frames are a visually attractive ( a type of woodgrain effect), way to display your work and come with a decorative hook to hang it.

You simply pull off the stretchy outer ring, place your fabric over the inner ring and then stretch it back over the fabric and hey presto your work is held tight! The inner is made from strong plastic, with an inner curve to hold your fabric tight.

They are available in round or oval shapes. Each in five different sizes and four colours, Woodgrain, Blue, Pink, and Burgandy.

*Please be aware the colour of the hoops does vary with dye batches***

**Sizes stated are for the Outside of the product, not the middle as sometimes used with wooden hoops. All sizes are approximate. 

Lifestyle photographs by Katie Murphy Photography

Nurge hoop & stand being used by designer & Nurge Stockist, Hanah Austin, Needle Or Thread, Oregon, USA

The Oval sizes are as follows:
79866     Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-6     8.5cm (3.3″) x 10.5cm (4.13″) Woodgrain
95616/B  Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-6B   8.5cm (3.3″) x 10.5cm (4.13″) BLUE
95626/P Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-6P   8.5cm (3.3″) x 10.5cm (4.13″) PINK
95606/R Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-6R   8.5cm (3.3″) x 10.5cm (4.13″) Burgandy

79867     Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-7      11.5 (4.53″) x 15cm (6″) Woodgrain
95617/B  Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-7B    11.5 (4.53″) x 15cm (6″) BLUE
95627/P Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-7P    11.5 (4.53″) x 15cm (6″) PINK
95607/R Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-7R    11.5 (4.53″) x 15cm (6″) Burgandy

79868     Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-8      14.5cm ( 5.7″) x 19cm (7.5″) Woodgrain
95618/B  Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-8B    14.5cm ( 5.7″) x 19cm (7.5″) BLUE
95628/P Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-8P     14.5cm ( 5.7″) x 19cm (7.5″) PINK
95608/R Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-8R    14.5cm ( 5.7″) x 19cm (7.5″) Burgandy

79869     Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-9      18cm ( 7.09″) x 23cm ( 9″ ) Woodgrain
95619/B  Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-9B    18cm ( 7.09″) x 23cm ( 9″ ) BLUE
95629/P Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-9P    18cm ( 7.09″) x 23cm ( 9″ ) PINK
95609/R Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-9R    18cm ( 7.09″) x 23cm ( 9″ ) Burgandy

79870     Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-10      22cm (8.66″) x 27cm (10.63″) Woodgrain
95620/B Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-10B   22cm (8.66″) x 27cm (10.63″) BLUE
95630/P Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-10P   22cm (8.66″ ) x 27cm (10.63″ ) PINK
95610/R  Nurge Flexi Hoop Oval 230-10R   22cm (8.66″) x 27cm(10.63″) Burgandy

Additional information

Flexi Hoop Size

8.5cm (3.35") x 10.5cm (4.13"), 12.5 (4.92") x 15cm (6"), 14.5cm ( 5.7.") x 19cm (7.5"), 18cm ( 7.09") x 23cm ( 9" ), 22cm (8.66" ) x 27cm (10.63" )


Woodgrain, Blue, Pink, Red

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