Bulk Buy 12 x Nurge Embroidery Hoops – 8mm deep

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Bulk packs of 12 x Nurge Superior quality embroidery hoops.




Packs of 12 Hoops at Discount Prices with FREE UK post

Nurge embroidery hoops are superior quality and made from hard beech wood. These are fine sanded and hand polished for a super smooth natural wood finish.

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*Please note sizes are taken across the Middle of the hoop. Imperial (inch) sizes are approximate. 

Sizes available are:

NURGE 100-1   WOODEN  HOOP 100mm  / 3.93″ x 8mm
NURGE 100-2  WOODEN  HOOP 130mm  / 5.11″   x 8mm
NURGE 100-3  WOODEN  HOOP 160mm  / 6.29″ x 8mm
NURGE 100-4  WOODEN  HOOP 190mm  / 7.48″ x 8mm
NURGE 100-5  WOODEN  HOOP 220mm / 8.66″ x 8mm
NURGE 100-6  WOODEN  HOOP 250mm / 9.84″ x 8mm
NURGE 100-8  WOODEN  HOOP 310mm  / 12.20″ x 8mm

NURGE 110-1   WOODEN  HOOP  100mm   / 3.93″ x 16mm
NURGE 110-2  WOODEN  HOOP  130mm   / 5.11″   x 16mm
NURGE 110-3  WOODEN  HOOP  160mm   / 6.29″ x 16mm
NURGE 110-4  WOODEN  HOOP  190mm   / 7.48″ x 16mm
NURGE 110-5  WOODEN  HOOP  220mm  / 8.66″ x 16mm
NURGE 110-6  WOODEN  HOOP  250mm / 9.84″  x 16mm
NURGE 110-8  WOODEN  HOOP  310mm  / 12.02″  x 16mm

NURGE 120-1   WOODEN  HOOP  100mm   / 3.93″ x 24mm
NURGE 120-2  WOODEN  HOOP  130mm   / 5.11″   x 24mm
NURGE 120-3  WOODEN  HOOP  160mm   / 6.29″ x 24mm
NURGE 120-4  WOODEN  HOOP  190mm   / 7.48″ x 24mm
NURGE 120-5  WOODEN  HOOP  220mm  / 8.66″ x 24mm
NURGE 120-6  WOODEN  HOOP  250mm / 9.84″  x 24mm
NURGE 120-8  WOODEN  HOOP  310mm  / 12.02″  x 24mm

Nurge Beechwood Embroidery Hoops can be used with many types of stitching including,

Open work, Counted thread work, Outline work,, Void work, Raised work’, Whitework, Needle weaving, Candlewicking embroidery, Crazy Patchwork embroidery, Shadow work, Broderie Anglaise, Redwork embroidery, Dotting work, Fish scale embroidery, Pattern Darning, Hardanger embroidery, Hedebo Embroidery, Blackwork embroidery, Goldwork, Tambour work, Aari work, Zardosi work, Faggotting,  Pulled thread work, Cross stitch embroidery, Drawn thread work, Chikankari embroidery, Sashiko embroidery, Chicken scratch embroidery, Canvas work, needle point, Laid work embroidery, Silk ribbon embroidery, Crewel embroidery, Mountmellick work, Net embroidery, Stumpwork, Blue work, Couching, Fes Embroidery, Huckaback embroidery, Swedish embroidery, Bargello embroidery,Badla work, Cutwork, Ayrshire cutwork, Richelieu cutwork, Phulkari work, Assisi embroidery, Passementerie work, Chancay Open Weave Darning, Punched Embroidery, Tapestry Needlework, Applique, Eyelet Embroidery, Madeira embroidery, Bead Embroidery, Arrasene embroidery, Shisha work, Aabla embroidery, Jacobean embroidery, Berlin wool work, Japanese embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, Swiss embroidery, Swiss Appenzell embroidery, Delft embroidery, Chinese embroidery, Schwalm Embroidery, African Embroidery, Czechoslovakian embroidery, plus many other uses!!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Hoop Depth

8mm ( 6/16th" ), 16mm ( 1/2" ), 24mm ( 1" )

Hoop Diameter

100mm / 3.93", 130mm / 5.11", 160mm / 6.29", 190mm / 7.48", 220mm / 8.66", 250mm / 9.84", 310mm / 12.2"